A wander around Lisbon and a little purchase to treat myself

Kicking myself for forgetting my camera on my wanders. Took the train and metro to Almeda and wander from there back down to Cais de Sodre and enjoyed three (!) delicious macaroons and a coffee in the Mercado de Ribeiro. A beautiful day, not too hot and not too cold. It is strange that when I walk through the tourist areas, past the restaurants, with S – they are always trying to drag us in to eat. When I’m on my own, they don’t. Have I reached the age of invisibility? Or do they just think women don’t eat out on their own?

April 15 Misc 002 April 15 Misc 003

There is nothing quite like buying a couple of new, luxury notebooks to use. The computer is great, but sometimes writing by hand is therapeutic.

Remember the treats – I’ve now got some sassy new ways to wear my collection of scarves.

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