I’m trying to see ‘difficulties’ as ‘challenges’

Although the above is hard when I write a partial post, save it (or so I think) as a draft and then can’t find it again.

Having little things to look forward to, or to do, on a daily basis is great. When I was in Madrid for three days earlier in the week I didn’t have access to my lucky bag of 100 little treats and was surprised by how much I missed it and how much I looked forward to picking some out when I returned.

A little diversion – I was pleasantly surprised at how well my Spanish came back when I had to visit the bank. Spain in its wisdom has decided that if holders of bank accounts don’t go in person to their bank branch and present ID documents before the end of April, accounts will be frozen. Great if you live abroad but own a property in Spain, serviced with utilities paid for from a Spanish account. It’s not quite like popping up the road to the bank! Anyhow, I was in Madrid, my bank is in Madrid so I popped in with my passport, which they photocopied and added. They also tried to change my status from widow to married, after my happy remarriage last year. That was a step too far for the computer. So in Spain I remain a widow! Of course, they wanted the document I didn’t have on me. The flimsy piece of paper I acquired twelve years ago when I got my Spanish tax number. I gave them the number, which they already had anyway. But Spanish bureaucracy is like a complicated game! And they wonder why their economy is suffering. They have, however, graciously said I can scan and email it to them.

100 little treats – number

6. This is a little prosaic but as I am beginning to earn a little money now through my long hours at the computer, (and yes, the tax man does know!) I need a little investment plan, so shall amuse myself with that this week. I might also plan for my mythical Euromillions win!

As I missed a whole week, I’ve got five to catch up on.- I’ve dipped in again and lined up another  few.

7. When I was writing an article I had to research different ways of wearing scarves. Now, scarves are one of my weaknesses and I have loads. But, I usually just throw them around my neck. I shall put my research to good use and get creative.

8. I always do a few minutes of Pilates every day as a way of keeping supple. One day this week I’m going to spend a whole hour doing Pilates with some relaxing or uplifting music playing in the background.

9. I’m going to get out the few poetry books I own, have a browse and choose one to copy out in my best (beautiful!) handwriting. None of us take time to actually enjoy putting pen to paper these days.

10. Buy and use a beautiful new mug.

I’ll let you know how I got on and will get to grips with adding more photos to my blog.

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