Here Goes – My Very First Blog at the Grand Old Age of 58!

When I left home at 18 to start nursing I never dreamt that my life was going to involve so many changes, so many side turns, some reversals and a lot of excitement. Although I haven’t travelled a lot in a conventional way and seen as much of the world as I’d liked, I have certainly had some journeys. Physical and emotional.

For a person who has no links with the military, I have managed to knock up an impressive amount of addresses in my life, 22 at the last count. And it’s not over yet. My family and friends complain that they need an address book just for me and I’m well versed in the legalities of changing my address and dealing with the relevant authorities. Or not!

Friends who have spent most of their lives at one or two addresses think it sounds exciting and that I ought to write my memoirs! I don’t think my life is exciting enough to warrant memoirs but maybe a few musings along the way.

Things have been a little tricky in the last few months and we don’t know really what is going to happen. If things turn out well, business wise, we should be set up for life. If not, who knows. I find uncertainty harder to cope with than my husband and need things to look forward to, to spur me on. Unable to book holidays and make firm plans for the next few months I was feeling a little dispirited and out of control – so I thought how can I give myself some motivation and incentives and get some joy back in my life.

I don’t need much, I’m not materialistic and enjoy the little pleasures of life – so decided to focus on little treats. 100 to be exact – and it really stretched my imagination and thought processes to think of a 100 treats. In fact, I’m not quite there yet – but as I think of more I add them.

I took a 100 post-its. Scrawled my treats onto these, folded them up and popped them in a bag. Shook them up and was ready to go. Truth is, I’ve already forgotten what most of the treats were, so when I pull one out it is a real surprise.

The intention was to pull one out everyday, but I found I haven’t needed to be so greedy. Some need a little preparation, or have to wait for an opportunity. That becomes part of the pleasure, a little planning and something to look forward to.

I have pulled three out so far and am looking forward to the next one later.

So, we arrive at my purpose at last and the reason for the name of my blog. A Change For Joy – little steps that hopefully will energise my life and help me deal with the day to day problems we are encountering at the moment. And a hundred reasons for blogging – more or less! Here goes!

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